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Dr. Turner witnessed and experienced countless injuries when playing professional football. His life's work upon retiring from football was to reduce injury rates in all athletes. Dr. Turner recently completed 24 years of clinical private practice in sports and surgical rehabilitation. During this time, he developed three successful multidisciplinary facilities incorporating medical, physical therapy, chiropractic, psychiatric, nutrition, and sports performance training.

Over 40,000 athletes benefitted from his treatment protocols and return to play criteria. Dr. Turner was recognized as a Tier 1 provider due to low patient reinjury rates and his efficient and effective treatment programs. 

This unique comprehensive approach facilitated his goal to consistently reduce injury rates in athletes of all ages in numerous sports. Dr. Turner has taught continuing education on Injury Risk Assessment and has shared his knowledge with professional medical and athletic training staffs in professional sports. The Turner Method patent will allow this system to be easily implemented by trained users. Empowering patients and facilitating their goals has always been
 Dr. Turner's method for success.

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