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"I want everyone to feel as amazing as me right now because I feel amazing. I feel like a million bucks." - K.S.

"When I came in to see Colleen Patrino I felt like I was on the verge of falling into chronic illness. Today I’m feeling much better and I’m grateful to have caught things before they became a problem. She gives you the information you need to feel and be better. She is a wealth of knowledge." - T.D.

"Triva Hall recently helped me resolve a long-standing very uncomfortable situation with my family involving boundaries. She helped me review my own reservations and helped me articulate the conversation that I ultimately had with my family. I learned a lot through this process and feel I now have the tools to resolve the next situation that might come about." - J.F.

"I have been working out with Colleen Turner since 2019.  As I began, I had a lot of joint pain due to stress and was carrying unwanted weight. Colleen was able to safely get me back to my baseline. Her workouts are carefully constructed to go along with your specific body to prevent injuries. She has masterfully created lean beautiful muscle which was always there, but needed the proper workout to expose itself. She cares deeply about her clients and is very humble and kind, along with an unintentional inspiration we so need for discipline. If you follow her advice on wellness, wholesome diet and mindset, you will become what you intend. You will learn that strength and balance over -ride beauty. As we age, coordination and balance become very important. Colleen will assure you obtain it all. One important piece of advice; eat right, align yourself with a centered mindset, along with this fantastic workout and you’ll achieve your goals."- K.K.

"They are all experts in their fields.  Dr. Turner's soft tissue work heals injuries." - S.M.

"I have been seeing Dr. Turner for about 5 years.  He truly is passionate about helping his patients feel better and also educates them about how to keep their bodies injury free.  I call him a magician because he has the ability to heal me no matter what injury I have caused my body.  While seeing Dr. Turner at The Turner Method, I have also had the pleasure of meeting Triva, the Life Coach and Colleen the nutritionist.  Together they have supported me to live my best life. The atmosphere at The Turner Method is warm, inviting and every staff member makes you feel at home.  I am so grateful to have such amazing people supporting me to live my best life!!!!  I would and do recommend this place to everyone since they have something for every body here at The Turner Method!" - L.S.

"TTM is outstanding from start to finish...diagnoses to recovery....offering a complete wellness program. TTM works with you to understand your lifestyle in order to treat you correctly...allowing you to get back to the things you like to do. Thanks to Dr. Turner, I have been able to  maintain my tennis at a high level." - T.H.

"Dr. Turner and his staff are wonderful.  They are helping me get my range of motion back following shoulder surgery, as well as help me work through issues related to CRPS. I am grateful for the help and patience with this!  I also recommend Colleen T's band class-tough but worth it.  Hope's Yoga is such a great way to end the weekend and to get ready for the week! Such good positive vibes at TTM." - D.B.

"Great doctor, and a great environment."  - V.S. 

"Such a great class!  Love the additional optional post-class stretch.  Colleen always keeps it interesting with music changes and a variety of exercises.  Beautiful facility and awesome staff!" - S.C.

"Had my worst knee injury, but thanks to Dr.Turner it was my fastest recovery." - T.S.

"I was in a very foreign territory when I first reached out to Triva. I didn’t know how to make sense of it let alone navigate it. I have amazing friends and family in my life who are my everything and I’m so lucky I have their support in everything I do. However, sometimes you need to hear a voice that has no bias, predetermined thoughts or opinions about you. Triva was this for me. The very first time we spoke I felt at peace. I think I was also able to feel incredible trust in her because she was able to open up with me and show vulnerability as well. The questions she asked allowed me to think about things in a totally different perspective and sometimes that’s all it takes- to get out of your own way/comfort zone and to know that everything you need to navigate the unknown is already inside of you." - A.S.

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