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Dr. Mark Turner - Doctor of Chiropractic | Healthcare Consultant

After witnessing countless injuries playing professional football, Dr. Turner has dedicated his retirement to reducing injury rates, especially in athletes. He patented the Turner Method and opened its facility to begin empowering people of all ages to reach their goals and enjoy the benefits of health and wellness. 

Colleen Turner - Certified Personal Trainer

High-energy and always smiling Colleen teaches manages our personal training programs at TTM. She is able to cater training sessions specifically to clients needs, wants, and limitations, and empower clients to take control of their own fitness journey's.

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Hope Prasse RN - Digestive Health Professional

Her 43 years of nursing experience, with a focus on Oncology, lead Hope to search for healthy lifestyle and nutrition education. Hope works as a preventative health care provider using enzyme therapy, nutritional education and healthy lifestyle coaching.

Marco Alvarez - Licensed Massage Therapist | Soft Tissue Expert | Muscle Whisperer

Marco is the sweetest man you will ever meet, and the meanest your muscles will ever meet. Muscle manipulation runs in the Alvarez family, and there is no one better to see when you are in need of a correction. His ability to correct underlying muscle issues is unmatched, and his kind heart brings the experience full circle.


Triva Hall - Certified Professional Life and Accountability Coach (CPCC)

When life hands you lemons, you talk to Triva. No matter what you are currently going through or have been through, Triva is the woman who will help prepare you for your future. Taking mental health as seriously as your physical health will yield even greater results in your life.

Kyle Johnson  Certified Personal Trainer

Kyle implements and designs corrective exercise protocols. He has a special interest and competency in sport specific training that translates to improved performance on the field of play. Kyle assists in small group and personal training sessions. His quiet confidence provides leadership to our young athletes.  

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